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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crafty Husband Even!

We came to the conclusion this summer that the twins had definitely outgrown their cribs. (Our biggest hint? The fact that they could and would crawl in and out when waking up and taking naps!) Connor's crib could transform to a daybed, but we had to get a regular bed for Kennedy. They adjusted to this new change extremely well.

When we went on a short vacation in August, we stayed at a hotel in a kids' suite. The kids' room had bunk beds in them that Corey decided would be super easy to build. So, fast forward a few weeks and "Ta-da!" the boys now have their very own bunk beds! During the weekend that the kids and I traveled back to my parents', Corey used the alone time to get the beds all built. We spend the following weekend staining and varnishing and were able to move the beds in that Sunday afternoon. (Corey's parents were a HUGE help in getting the staining and varnishing done.)

Here is what the finished product looks like:

I really need to take a better picture so that you can see the whole set up and with the room put back together. As you can see, Corey built them deep enough that they hold both the box spring and the mattress. He also made sure that the top rail is about 3 inches higher than the mattress to prevent any falls in the night. Now, to decide what his next project should be...


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