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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crafty Husband Even!

We came to the conclusion this summer that the twins had definitely outgrown their cribs. (Our biggest hint? The fact that they could and would crawl in and out when waking up and taking naps!) Connor's crib could transform to a daybed, but we had to get a regular bed for Kennedy. They adjusted to this new change extremely well.

When we went on a short vacation in August, we stayed at a hotel in a kids' suite. The kids' room had bunk beds in them that Corey decided would be super easy to build. So, fast forward a few weeks and "Ta-da!" the boys now have their very own bunk beds! During the weekend that the kids and I traveled back to my parents', Corey used the alone time to get the beds all built. We spend the following weekend staining and varnishing and were able to move the beds in that Sunday afternoon. (Corey's parents were a HUGE help in getting the staining and varnishing done.)

Here is what the finished product looks like:

I really need to take a better picture so that you can see the whole set up and with the room put back together. As you can see, Corey built them deep enough that they hold both the box spring and the mattress. He also made sure that the top rail is about 3 inches higher than the mattress to prevent any falls in the night. Now, to decide what his next project should be...


Birthday Parties are Dyno-Mite!

My nephew turned one in August. I absolutely loved the dinosaur card that is featured in the Create a Critter cartridge booklet, and I know he is a dyno-mite kid, so that was the card I made for his party.

The picture doesn't show the card completely finished. : (  All I really did was add the words "Turning 1 is Dyno-Mite!"

When I started cutting everything out, I had a couple little "helpers" near me and didn't realize that the size wheel had been turned. So I ended up having to recut another dinosaur. I hate wasting anything though, so I used the couple of layers I had cut and decorated the gift bag that held his gift so that the card and bag coordinated  Of course, did I remember to take a picture? NOPE! I did, however, get a picture of the adorable birthday boy! Isn't he the cutest?


Party Time!

I went back to my parents' house a few weeks ago with my kids. My mom and dad had a wedding to go to, and my mom wanted to make personalized gifts for the couple. Now, it's not a big secret that I have inherited the procrastination trait from my mom, but it was definitely confirmed that weekend! It was late Friday night when we got there, so we basically went straight to bed and then got up Saturday morning to begin working. The first thing she wanted to do was decorate a tub she had bought from Target. The bride and groom are big Iowa State fans, so we found vinyl as close to ISU colors as we could. (One of the great perks of having a brother that works at a vinyl sign company!) I really like how it turned out. The biggest challenge, and something I need to figure out, is working with the large curved surface. I know there is a way to manipulate the wording so that when you apply it to the curved part, it will appear straight. (It really didn't look bad, but I could tell that the ends were a little higher than the middle.)

This is a close up of the layering of the saying. Definitely the biggest layering project I have worked on, but love how it turned out!

We also etched glass wine glasses, water pitcher, and luncheon plates. Remember how I mentioned the procrastination part? We (okay, I) waited too long to start that part of the project and by the time they were finished, it was time for my parents to take off. I didn't get any pictures of those items. : (  


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow! What a busy summer!

I had such great intentions this summer of blogging all about my crafting projects, my family, and everything in between. Where did the time go?

My sister-in-law has crafted for a couple of years now (check her out at her blog -rustyrelics.blogspot.com) , and this summer we decided to try our hand at a craft booth. I was so excited when we agreed to do it, but as the days got closer, I got more and more nervous! What had I gotten myself into? I just wasn't sure *what* I should be making. I felt like I needed several different types of crafts so that I had a little bit of everything for everyone.

Show off your fav 4-legged pup!
I love visiting the Cricut messageboard and getting ideas for quick, easy projects. These magnet boards are exactly that! Corey happened to have some metal roof shingles left over in his shop, so I had him bring some in for me one night, and this is what I came up with! These boards are about 5x7, but are just so darn cute! I inked and sanded down the sides/edges, punched holes with my Crop-A-Dile and tied a ribbon. Walla! 

I would love to write that I took these to the craft booth and sold each and every one of them. But I can't. I didn't even take them! As the time got closer, I decided to just focus on a couple of things to take. So...now I have magnet boards to give as gifts and to use around my own house. Love it!

What a "tweet" way to display a pic!
I did, however, decide that tiles and etched/vinyled glassware were the way to go. The day was a little slow, but I am *so* glad that I did it. I'm not going to lie, I really had hopes for a rain-out or something in the few days leading up to the event. I was just so nervous and afraid that I was forgetting something or not doing something right. Although the day wasn't an absolute huge success, it was fun, I learned a lot, I had a great time talking and meeting people, and I even sold a few of my items! Can't say it was a disappointment at all!  Below are a few of the tiles and glassware that I sold that day and in the following few weeks.

Like you forever tile (also made in pink)
The mug on the left is etched "#1 Dad" and the one on the right is vinyled with "Drink like a girl".
This is a 6x6 tile. One of my favorites! (I wish I could take credit for the design of this one, but I just had permission to use it.)

The best part of the day? A couple of different people that spoke to Lindsay and me about doing other booths for different events. It's definitely not equal to my teaching salary, but the extra little funds sure do help with fun money! : )


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Totally Craft Crazy Lately!

I have been working on a lot of projects lately, so thought I would share what I've done. Everything that I display can be ordered (and personalized) to your specifics. Just give me a call, shoot me an email, or leave me a comment.

This flower pot is really fun! I made one for my MIL for Mother's Day and have since made another for someone else to give as a gift. The saying around the top is "A garden of love grows in a grandmother's heart", but could say pretty much anything you would like. I also personalized this one with the grandchildren's names.

This next project is something I just whipped up really quick. I used the Graphically Speaking cartridge with my Cricut for the "& frame, me and you" words and then Plantin Schoolbook for the Est. date. Now I think I want to redo it and first put a picture of Corey and I as the background using the tissue paper method. I'm thinking that it would look pretty good. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

These were gifts that my son gave his preschool teacher and helper for Teacher Appreciation Week. I used my Cricut, Creative Memories punch, and vinyl to decorate them.

Wedding tile

This was a tile I made for a wedding we had to attend recently. I ended up changing the names a little, but never got around to taking an updated picture.

I was pretty happy with the results and was excited to give it as a gift - until we walked into the reception and there, sitting next to the guest book, was another tile very similar to the one I made. : (  I was a tad disappointed to say the least.

If you are looking for a gift for that someone that has everything, a tile is a great idea! My 12x12 tiles start at $25 and go up, depending on the amount of designing that goes into it.